Tips to Create the Perfect Instagram Feed

M aintaining a visually appealing, yet content-creative feed on social media is not effortless by any means; it requires an abundance of planning, editing, and trial & error. This sort of thing may at times seem frivolous or even superficial, but in the emerging technological world, an active and perfect Instagram feed is one of the most beneficial tools in creating a relationship between brand and client.

Today, Instagram is one of the most-used applications by consumers interested in a new brand. Your Instagram profile is one of the first impressions people will have of your brand. Whether the purpose of your time on social media is personal or professional. Therefore, the following tips will guide you in the direction of creating the perfect Instagram feed.

Step 1: Establish the purpose of your Instagram profile

Arguably, this first step is the most important – establish the purpose of your profile. Social media is used for a myriad of reasons within the personal and professional range, thus creating several styling techniques that best suit your needs. If you’re creating an account for any purpose outside of sharing personal memories with your closest friends with your account set on private, your page will inevitably become business-related. Will you be representing yourself or a brand? Are you selling a product or are you sharing information and visuals? What type of audience are you trying to reach? As a result, these simple questions will determine what you should post, how you present the things you’re posting, and the style and approach you should be taking.

Step 2: Get to know your audience

So, you’ve established who you are – now it’s time to understand the person you’re trying to reach. Depending on your brand, your target audience can be obvious, for example: diaper brands are trying to reach parents or guardians, razor brands are trying to reach people with facial or body hair, sports equipment brands are trying to reach those who play a specific sport. However, it isn’t always that obvious – the internet and social media has allowed for an incredible amount of competition. Therefore, it’s absolutely necessary to narrow down your target audience as accurately as possible.

Only a few years ago, makeup was only being targeted to women, more specifically, targeting the most conventionally beautiful women. Now, the borders of inclusivity have widened and makeup brands are advertising to women AND men of all ethnicities, appearances, and identities. Similarly, their social media pages are reflective of that, gaining more attention and support from all members of the makeup-wearing community.

So, if you’re unsure how to understand your target audience, here are some ways to gather information:

  • Use discussion forums. People of a select audience will post questions or opinions, creating a thread of opinions with tons of information to help you understand what your consumer likes and dislikes. Some popular forums include Quora, Reddit, and DoItYourself.
  • Look at your competition. See how they present their brand, how they interact with their followers, and what their feedback is. If their brand is doing well in business, it’s likely due to their online presence.
  • Use social media. Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, contain an infinite amount of reviews and opinions from consumers.
  • Refer to sales/support representatives. They respond to any direct questions or inquiries from people who are interested in your brand so they know what people are looking for from you.

Step 3: Choose an aesthetic

Selecting the design of your profile is directly linked to step #1 and #2 – what you want people to absorb from your profile is dependent on how you present it. The most effecting advertising strategy is to be able to adapt and adopt the perspective of the demographic in which you’re selling to. Therefore influencing whether your technique will be more traditional or more modern.


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Here are some optional aesthetics based on the type of profile you’re creating for:

  • Fast-fashion, makeup, or young adult-geared products will always embody the latest trends and styles. Some examples of this are brands that sell fashion items, makeup and accessories.

  • Traditional, well-established, or family-oriented brands will reflect a more reserved, yet comforting aesthetic. Content will be presented in a way that is more wholesome, family-friendly, and familiar to the average person of any age. Some examples of this are brands that sell baby products, home products, grocery or pharmaceutical, products, etc.

  • Luxury brands will be portrayed as something that is pristine, desirable, and at times unattainable.

Step 4: Select an application to edit your photos

There are an incredible amount of tools to edit photos. Here’s a list including free and priced applications:

Step 5: Organize and plan what and when to post on Instagram

It isn’t enough to simply edit and post content. Posts must be planned and posted in accordance to a sequence that creates a balanced and appealing feed. There has to be a certain level of diversity and unity to make sure it looks good, and the best way to do this is to download an application that allows you to preview what your feed will look like. You can simply create a private instagram account to do this. Finally, there are applications that will do this for you. I personally use Preview (free) and Unum (free).

T hese are the 5 steps to curating the perfect feed for your Instagram profile. The biggest takeaway here is to establish who you are, and understand who you’re trying to reach – after that, the rest will fall into place. Social media, Instagram in particular, is a wonderful tool to advance your brand and create an online presence with real-life results, so take the time to learn and invest in it.